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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 15, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> bill: welcome to the fox report. now the day after here in newtown, connecticut, a community, as you can imagine, absolutely devastated by a horrendous act that so many of us are just now coming to grips with.
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it could have happened in any corner of our country and now people all over the country, from coast to coast, offering a messages of support. >> we understand the power of prayer as what it is. we know that we can intercede for people. we don't have to be there. we can be right here and make an impact. people say e-mail travels fast. prayer travels faster. >> i hope and pray for those families, for that town, that city, that state, that they can somehow get through. >> i kept thinking over and over again, this could be my kid. this could be my kid. and i just felt like there is not much i can do from here action but i felt like i have to say something. >> we're showing that we -- they
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have our support. >> 1,000 miles away. >> the distance is almost irrelevant, that we are all just children of god and when a grievance like this and a tragedy like this hits, we're all one. >> i didn't know them or anything, but my heart just goes out and i think it's important to pray for them. >> bill: it is another tough day. and good evening yet again. i'm bill hemmer live near the sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. at last hour, we were given the names of the 20 children and when you look at this list born in 2005 and 2006, ages six and seven, and you read the names, daniel and charlotte and katherine and grace and jack,
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and chase and dylan and madeline and 12 others, rips your heart out. we are back here tonight to continue on the story where the teachers and the parents and the police, everyone is looking for an answer as to why tonight. this now a day after a gunman thousand that school and shot 26 people dead and police now revealing those victims. the medical examiner, about two hours ago, confirmed all six adults who died were women. among the 20 children, eight of them were boys. 12 were girls. all again between the ages of six and seven. all of them were shot more than one time. >> i've been at this for a third of a century. my sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst i have seen. >> bill: that was the medical examiner who was briefing reporters here just about 90
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minutes ago. there is a lot more from his briefing here that tells us what has happened inside that school. it's gripping. one of the girls, six-year-old by the name of emily parker, only moments ago her father, robbie, he moved this community from the west side of the united states eight months ago and you can imagine how emotional his response was here tonight. >> at this time our thanks go out to so many people, so many friends and family and complete strangers who we don't know, for all the love, condolences and support you've given to us. my daughter, emily, would be one of the first to be standing and give up her love and support to all those victims because that's the type of person that she is. not because of any parenting that my wife and i could have done, but because those are the
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gifts that were given to her by her heavenly father. >> bill: there is more from robbie parker in a moment. but first, we want to take you live to new hampshire. this is a spokesperson now for the lanza family and the police department up there, this is the first time we've heard on behalf of peter lanza, the father of the alleged gunman and his son, ryan, age 24, who lived in hoboken, new jersey. let's drop in there now in new hampshire. >> the loss we all share. our hearts and prayers are with those who share in this loss. the families, teachers, staff and the students of sandy hook elementary school, the first responders and to all others touched by this tragedy. on behalf of nancy's mother and siblings, we reach out to the community of newtown and express our heartfelt sorrow for the incomprehensible and profound loss of innocents that has affected so many. the family requests that you
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respect their privacy during this time of anguish and loss. thank you very much. >> are there any questions, like i said, there is not an awful lot we can answer. >> talk about the f.b.i. and other authorities being -- >> the only thing i can tell you is that law enforcement generally obviously volunteered any assistance to connecticut. and our responding to any requests that come out of connecticut, the requests that they're making of us and our response back to them will go through the connecticut state police and we won't have any comment about that other than we'll do anything we can to help. >> (inaudible). >> chief briggs here. >> very, very kind, considerate,
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lived here good part of her life. she was very involved in the community. very well respected. >> did you talk about the family in general? >> i can tell you small town, that mrs. champion, dotty, worked as the school nurse at the daniel j. bakey school for a number of years. a wonderful person, very good with children. jim champion worked for me for a number of years as the captain of the police department and he currently works for me as a part-time officer, as well as for a deputy. >> (inaudible). >> the whole family is
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traumatized by this event. very sad. very sad. >> (inaudible). >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear that. i have not. i have not. he has not. >> (question inaudible). >> i have not had a conversation with him. very close. >> (question inaudible). >> i actually saw her last november when jim champion retired. i saw her at the retirement party. i haven't seen the children since they left here in 1998. my understanding was it was 1998. that was my understanding.
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>> any other questions? thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> bill: let's piece this together here. those are spokes people in kingston, new hampshire, which is where nancy lanza, her maiden name is champion. she's the mother of the alleged killer back here in newtown, connecticut. it is our understanding that she was divorced maybe four years ago, but her husband, peter, still made his home here in the state of connecticut. how far away is not clear at the moment. and his other son, ryan lanza, age 24, who was the person who many thought was the guilty party on this early on, was living in hoboken, new jersey. we wanted to bring that you because we're trying to piece this together throughout the entire day because here in connecticut, police say there is still no sign, at least publicly anyway, there has been no sign of a motive. but we are learning more about
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20-year-old adam lanza as we move throughout the hour. here is a picture said to be from 2005 which would mean around the age of 14 shown here. sources telling fox news he may have had a developmental disorder and people who knew the shooter now describe him as smart but, quote, very remote socially. according to state police, the evidence now suggests that no one from the school allowed him to get inside the building around 9:30 in the morning friday morning. instead somehow he forced his way in. it's not clear exactly how. today a library clerk confirmed she and others inside the school learned that something was wrong once they heard the gun fire come across the intercom. >> the intercom in the office went off as if they were going to make an announcement and then we heard scuffling noises and stuff and i thought somebody had hit the button by mistake and they were just in the office. soy called down there and one of the secretaries abdomen the phone and said there is a
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shooting. and then you become aware, we started hearing the gun shots. i yelled lockdown to the group that was in our room and i ran across the hall and told the classroom across the hall to lock down. >> she had a lot to say earlier today. some of the pictures you see now, hug a teacher today, are hanging in the buildings throughout the area of newtown. the investigation really in its early stages. earlier today, the lead police officer from the state of connecticut said that it will be at least a day or two at a minimum before the crime scene is evaluated entirely inside and outside that school. here in newtown, they come to grips with the loss of 26 of their own and how in the world do you begin to do that? that sign hangs outside of a restaurant encouraging folks to hug a teacher and there are many of us who feel that way today across the country. molly line is with me know. what more do we know about the victims? good evening to you. >> they released this heart
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breaking list. we knew it was coming. we knew there would be 20 children's names and six adults. now we know that all six of those adults were women that were at the school that day trying to protect their students. that there were 20 children there and as you mentioned, some of these names, these are names you hear in any classroom, charlotte, chase, jesse, emily, as you mentioned. we watched her father speak earlier tonight. little kids that were six and seven years old. little, little children. we're talking about little girls and little boys. they were literally gunned down in their first grade classroom wearing what their parents dressed them in that day. the normal cheerful clothes is the way the medical examiner described it. >> bill: his press conference i thought was especially chilling. when you think about the line of work this man is in, gentleman named wayne carver, i think it was likely jolting and jarring to a lot of people listening to him tell us about what he is learning about how some of these children died.
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>> he did speak sometimes in clinical terms, which that can be a little jarring for people that are waiting to hear what happened. he essentially said there were multiple gun shots wounds to everyone that was killed, that his personal examination of seven of the victims, each of them had between three and 11 gun shots that, included the children, that included the adults. no one escaped the wrath of this gun which he believes the impact came from the rifle that they believe was used. we do know that there were other guns involved in the scene, there were other guns found, but they're trying to clarify if they were used. when we talk about the gunshot wounds on the victim, the medical examiner believes it was the rifle. >> bill: thank you. we'll talk to you later throughout our program as we continue for the next two hours. when you hear that medical examiner say that a six or seven-year-old child was shot 11 times, it's quite extraordinary to take that information in as he was delivering here tonight. molly, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> bill: we have a lot more here live in newtown, connecticut, because we're working through the hour to learn more about the shooter and why he may have chosen to commit this crime. we're going to talk to the friend of the gunman's brother who has some interesting things to say about the relationship between the brothers and we'll get to that as our coverage continues live in newtown in a moment here on this special edition of the fox report.
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>> bill: the school tragedy coverage continues live here on the fox news channel. we are live in newtown, connecticut and learning more about the gunman, adam lanza, age 20. he may have suffered from a personality disorder. as mentioned, some who knew him described him as smart but considered remote. one person even said very remote. brett is a friend of adam's brother. he is ryan lanza, age 24. brett is with me by telephone. good evening to you. tell me about your relationship with the older brother. >> i've known ryan for about a year and a half. met him through mutual friends. my relationship with him is i'll see him about once a month and we'll hang out for a little while and then kind of back to an on-line relationship of sorts. >> bill: do you live in hoboken, new jersey, around that area,
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brett? >> no, but i work there. i'm there frequently enough to see him, and other mutual friends. >> bill: what do you know about his relationship with his younger brother, adam? >> unfortunately, i didn't even know he had a younger brother until friday morning. led to a lot of confusion and misinformation. mostly because i don't know him well enough to know a lot of personal details about his family. other than that, yeah. that was the first i heard about it. >> bill: you've known him for a year and a half and a conversation about his brother never came up? >> correct. yeah. i don't think he knows as much about my family either. >> bill: there is a report earlier today that these two brothers have not had contact for at least two years. now, that's unconfirmed. we don't know that. but based on your relationship and the way you're describing it, i would imagine you don't have any information on that, do
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you? >> i don't. i've heard that, too. what i can tell you is that ryan himself is a very quiet and somewhat private guy. it's not unlike what we're hearing about adam. i don't know what you can draw from that other than the fact that he just doesn't open up too easily, but it was never really in anyone's position to try to pry it out of him. >> bill: have you talked to him today? did you talk to him yesterday? when was your last conversation? >> yesterday at about 2:00 o'clock, thereabouts. i just sent him a message on facebook as i realized that the magnitude of what was happening and the reality of what was going on, just to see if he was okay and what was happening and he responded back with -- >> bill: what did he tell you? >> he just said -- all he said was, it was my brother, oh, my god. i think my mom is dead. and then that was the last i heard from him. i haven't heard from him today
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either. >> bill: brett, thank you. we're working through this also. appreciate your input. brett, a friend of ryan lanza, age 24. as we continue to follow the latest developments out of newtown, connecticut. in a moment, more comments from the medical examiner that were so chilling and we're learning of another alleged school shooting plot foiled by police the same day the connecticut tragedy unfolded. details on that in a moment. also there is other news and significant news. the secretary of state hillary clinton resting at her home after a concussion. apparently she fell recently. the latest on her health scare and the breaking details and whether or not she'll be able to testify at the hearings on benghazi scheduled for later this week and who might replace her at the department of state you won't take my life.
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>> bill: our continuing coverage of the school tragedy here in newtown, connecticut, continues. the medical examiner two hours ago was asked where the young boys and girls were shot. his answer was one word. everywhere. when you listen to what he says about the examination of the six and seven-year-old boys and girls and their bodies and the condition in which they were found, it is stunning and we're going to have a bit more of that a bit later in our program. but there is some other news making headlines now. sources telling fox news that president obama is expected to nominate democratic massachusetts senator john kerry to be the next secretary of state. he would replace hillary clinton as the nation's top diplomat. she's expected to step down early next year. all this coming now only days
3:25 pm
after ambassador susan rice took herself out of contention for the job. although she was not officially nominated. our chief white house correspondent ed henry tracking all this. ed, what do you have on this? good evening. >> good evening. i spoke to a source close to the proc basically a done deal now. the president is expected to pick senator john kerry. it's like low to happen in a matter of days. there is really only two things holing this up right now. that is number one, the president wants to do it all together, you know, entirely new national security team. that would include a new pentagon chief, a new c.i.a. director. he'd like to pick the acting director or security advisor. at the pentagon, more complicated. the likely pick still is chuck hagel. bipartisanship in the cabinet. there has been criticism in recent days from some folks
3:26 pm
suggesting that in the senate, chuck hagel, his stance toward israel was perhaps not strong enough for some. the white house is working through those concerns -- >> bill: meanwhile, secretary clinton is recovering at home tonight. this after fainting and suffering a concussion. this was breaking news earlier today. this is something we did not know. state department spokesman says that it happened as a result of a stomach virus, which has left secretary clinton weak and dehydrated. the secretary already skipping an overseas trip to north africa and the persian gulf because of the illness. now we're being told she will miss a congressional hearing on the attack on the consulate in libya. doctors now keeping an eye on her until she fully recovers. ed henry working his story again tonight more developments from ed as we get them here. now to a shocking story out of oklahoma. on the same day connecticut was
3:27 pm
torn apart by this tragedy, another school shooting plot there was foiled. police arresting eight-year-old sammy chavez early on friday morning. they say he was planning to kill classmates at barterersville high school a small found 50 miles north of tulsa, oklahoma. officials saying chavez tried to convince other students to help him lure kids into the school's auditorium, chain the door shut and start shooting. local reports say he even threatened to kill classmates who did not help and that he was going to set off bombs as police arrived. he's being held on a million dollars bond there in oklahoma. we watched the latest here from newtown and we have learned a lot more throughout the day today. on the psychological effects that something like this can have on children and what it can have on adults, the parents trying their best to deal with this and to live with this. what the experts say is the best way to talk to your kids about the tragedy coming up from our own experts at the fox news
3:28 pm
channel. also governor mike huckabee is with us later for his take on how we understand the shootings in newtown
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>> bill: i'm bill hemmer. welcome back to our special edition of the fox report.
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for two hours tonight live in newtown, connecticut. as we work for more information about the victims of yesterday's deadly school shooting, that now we know included 12 girls and eight boys, all of them either age six or age seven. that's the word from the connecticut chief medical examiner who says this is the worst massacre he has ever seen and that includes 31 years of work here in the state of connecticut. we heard from robbie parker about an hour ago. he's a father of one of the victims, his daughter was emily. he says he's not mad, but he talked about his daughter a lot. he said she would light up a room, always had something nice to say about everyone. then he said, i'm so blessed to be her dad. that from robbie parker who is struggling for answers here tonight in newtown. this was a town, by the way, that just recently was listed in the top five safest communities
3:33 pm
to live in the entire country. from this day forward, the town of newtown, connecticut, will always be remembered for the massacre that occurred here only 36 hours ago. we were in town a short time ago and found this. >> this is the town hall in newtown, the center part of this town and as we have seen throughout the area, these makeshift memorials that are set up. cheerly these are candles lit yesterday afternoon and last night and many more gathered a bit earlier today. newtown covers a large area, but frankly not a lot of people live here. population about 27,000. it's quite striking when you see the victorrian homes up and down the main street in newtown. it is a beautiful small town. late in the afternoon, it has been peaceful for so long. the last serious crime reported here two years ago in 2010. today a much different picture.
3:34 pm
part of that picture, as we move further down the road is another makeshift memorial where we have seen people drop off flowers throughout the afternoon here. this is the flag pole in newtown. it is a town landmark, ten stories tall, more than 100 feet here in the central part of the town. this flag is at half-staff, the president ordered them throughout the country and all military institutions yesterday afternoon. if you were to drive two miles down this beautiful country road, that is where you would find the scene of carnage that america found yesterday. i mentioned robbie parker, the father of young emily a moment ago. i want to bring in the governor, mike huckabee. you've had so many eloquent things to say throughout the day today. i guess what struck me so much listening to robbie parker, he says, i don't know how to get through this. and then he said, the best thing i can do is help other people.
3:35 pm
how are you piecing this together tonight, governor? >> it was so eloquent to hear him. i tell you what struck me today, when we started looking at the list of these kids, their names, their ages, it started making it more real, i think, then it's been since it first was announced. suddenly you realize these children had names and addresses and brothers and sisters and mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and you realize the horrific tragedy, deeply personnel. then to see this father of emily parker express that grief and really just reach out. i think it makes all of this i guess a stark reminder of how horrible the tragedy is, but also how people learn to cope. that's what america is trying to do. i think everybody is just learning to try to cope with
3:36 pm
grief. >> bill: so many have told me just in the past day that they will turn on their television and just leave it on and watch and cry and do that for hours. that's part of this process of grief, is it not? >> it's an important process. sometimes people say what, can we do? what can we say? i think the less we say the better. because if you're trying to talk to someone who is in grief, they don't want to hear our words. they want o feel our touch. they want to know that we're there with them, that we haven't abandoned them and there isn't anything anybody can say that makes this better. i was reminded earlier today when i was talking with john scott, the shortest verse in the bible may be the most powerful, jesus wept. he left hand his friend died and he cried about it. that sort of says it all, that sometimes the most powerful thing that we can do to get through our own grief is to recognize that we have it and be honest about it and express it.
3:37 pm
don't hold the tears back, but let them flow. it's how we were hard wired in order to be able to express and to acknowledge that there is a deep human pain that is going on inside of us. >> bill: you know, your previous life, you were a governor of arkansas. >> yes. >> bill: you had to deal with natural disasters and human disasters and the tragedy that man inflicts upon other men and you had to face those victims or you had to face those who were trying to move on with their own lives. what did you do as the head of that state? >> i remember the day after the jonesboro shooting in march of 1998, which an 11 and 12-year-old opened fired on their classmates and teachers. it was the most horrific thing i went through as a governorment i spent the next day visiting the survivors in the hospital and then i met with the entire staff of the school. behind closed doors, no press.
3:38 pm
it was a voca -- voca that is rightic experience, it was a lot of crying, a lot of people sharing their feelings toward those who had been killed and trying to understand what had happened. again, it was very similar to what happened in connecticut. nobody can imagine that kids that age could do something and leave that much carnage and that much pain behind. there are always people who will be quick to say okay. what could we have done to prevent it? there will be plenty of time for people to make all the second guessing they want to make. but i think right now what people need to do is bring as much comfort as possible. we don't understand all of the why or -- we won't understand all of the ways to fix this. there will be plenty of time for to us work on that. we need to collectively as a country grieve and to express our prayers and concerns for these who have the most amazing grief of all and that's the parents of these children.
3:39 pm
>> bill: governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: i don't know and i was not aware of many schools from kindergarten through fourth grade that went into lockdown at 9:30 in the morning. but this is a school that had that safety feature already implemented in the school. and as it turns out, it needed it and in the end, it probably needed more than that. you can understand that in new york city, but up here in the country side and town of 27,000, check out of the the governor tonight at 8:00 o'clock eastern time. huckabee comes your way there. he'll have much more on the tragedy in newtown in his own intimate way here on the fox news channel. our thanks to the governor being with us this evening. details slowly starting to more than about what happened yesterday inside the elementary school. sandy hook. as that investigation continues, police are urging patience. there has been a state trooper assigned to every family of the victims and they have warned the
3:40 pm
media repeatedly throughout the day today, give them their space. give them the compassion that they need now. we will respect that as our coverage continues throughout the evening here. >> this still is an active case. we are still working and actively pursuing leads. >> we can show and share with each other the grief we feel for the children and adults who were killed. and for their families and their loved ones. >> bill: as vectors try to piece together what happened, what goes into investigating such a terrible crime scene. where do you start? at the new york police department, president, good evening to you. we've heard a lot from the police department up here. i think they have been standout gentlemen for the past day and a half. at times you want them to give more information, but you can understand what's happening on the other side of this.
3:41 pm
they are trying to do this the right way. what's your observation about what they have done so far? >> so far they've done a great job and really getting everybody together and using all the police departments, all resources, talking to the media. they tell the families what's going on a lot more than they would the media. so you can understand that. but speaking for all law enforcement, i would have to say we all have have a heavy heart 'cause how we think is a lot different. sometimes we think of the crime scene. so what we can actually visualize this guy going into the classroom with that rifle and how he could shoot those many people and that's what the crime scene is putting together, how that happens. they almost visualize it. so you know they have a heavy heart just putting this thing together and looking at kids that are shot so much. you know, having this guy shoot them like that, it really wasn't a hard thing for him to do. >> bill: sadly, you're right about that last comment. but in this case, you have two crime scenes.
3:42 pm
not just at the school, but at the home of the mother and apparently where this 21-year-old killer was living. what the police said earlier is that the mother's home, and i'm quoting now -- has produced some good evidence for investigators. there is not much more detail in that. we're trying to read through the lines and figure out what that is. publicly we do not know. but the home may lead to motive, right, gill? >> definitely. where that statement came out, sure, they think of what happened maybe through his emotional state. maybe some of the things he did. maybe pictures that he has in there. i'm not too sure they found anything on the computer or anything else. but they look at his whole history, who did he talk to and all that. that picture is going to come out of what happened because really we all want to know why and the families more than anybody else y. that's a frustrating thing. the police, you know how all the information came out and a lot was wrong. so they don't want to come out with that information. so they're taking their time with this. it's going to take time.
3:43 pm
they're talking to the families. so they have everything really under control under these situations. >> bill: gill, thank you. thank you, sir. we were told earlier today that at least monday at the earliest now before they can clear the scene from a criminal investigation standpoint at the elementary school. that's at least 48 hours away. and they were careful not to put an exact time frame on it, which gives you an idea of how much information they have to go through inside that school. we are watching the story throughout the evening tonight. there is some other news, though. including the historic vote underway in egypt that could shape the future not only for that critical nation and middle eastern politics, but for all politics throughout the middle east. so we are live in cairo tracking that. also a look at how the deadly shooting here in newtown could change how schools across the country handle their own security as our coverage
3:44 pm
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>> bill: i mentioned earlier that the school here in newtown, connecticut, kindergarten through fourth grade in had a lockdown procedure where the school went in lockdown mode at 9:30 every morning. that's in the country side. this is considered small town america, population 27,000. so this weekend school officials, you can imagine, all across the country are taking a look at their own security procedures and the aftermath of the shooting here in newtown. lauren worked with fox austin in texas. she has a bit more on that tonight for us. >> when a gunman walks into an elementary school, it's our
3:48 pm
weakest point in our society. >> rick: terry nichols is the law enforcement rapid response training or alert center at texas state university. he's keeping a close eye on the coverage of the mass school shooting in connecticut. >> we can do everything right. teachers can do everything right, the school district can have all the plans in the world. law enforcement can be there within seconds and we can still have a very, very significant body count. >> but he and other active shooter response expert also analyze every part of this situation and take a look at their training procedures. >> is there anything that we can tweak? do we work close better the school districts, with model policies throughout the standard response poetcal? >> it was developed by a father who lost his daughter in a colorado school shooting. his protocol is being adopted by school districts around the country. >> lockout, evacuate or shelter. four simple terms that a kindergartener can learn. >> is he says it's vital to have
3:49 pm
them in place because how vulnerable people are. >> they have people confined. >> this incident will likely spark a conversation about what needs to change when it comes to school security. >> it's just tragic if we have to fortify our elementary schools and make them like a fortress. our society should not be that way. >> bill: there are a lot of conversations like that going on in every community thought the country. lauren, thank you. fox austin, ktbc with a report there. now we will get back to the tragedy here in connecticut. we may hear from state police again later tonight for more information on where in their investigation it is. but first there is a critical story developing overseas in cairo, egypt, throughout the country of egypt. focusly defining moment for that nation and for the entire region. millions of egyptians headed to the polls to decide a controversial draft constitution. that vote that begins this weekend comes after weeks of
3:50 pm
violent protests against what the opponents call a corrupt process and a power grab by the next president who just took the reins, president mohammed morsi. much more on this coming up in a live report. greg palkot is back on the ground in cairo. we'll talk to greg there. here in newtown, a place residents are proud, they are proud to call this place home. in a moment i'll talk live with one person who lived here their entire life about how the tragedy impacted her and her neighbors as investigators start putting the pieces together [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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>> bill: this is a community that will come together in ways it never thought before even imaginable as they gather in churches throughout the weekend dealing with the shock of what happened at sandy hook. it was shock initially. it is a stunned feeling today and i think in some ways that feeling is moving toward anger, frankly. with me now is the woman who owns newtown's bagel delight, a member of this community. good evening to you. >> good evening. >> bill: i certainly wish we were talking about other matters. but i appreciate you spending a little time with us and our viewers right now. i understand that you knew everyone in town. >> not everyone, but -- >> bill: that's a huge compliment to you. what is the sense about where this town is now only a day and a half into this enormous tragedy? >> well, as everyone keeps saying, it's just shocking. nothing ever happens in newtown. we talk about the weather and
3:55 pm
the postponement of the labor day parade because of the weather. but nothing of this magnitude. nothing that is as devastating as shocking as this. to think -- >> bill: i understand you helped prepare a meal for one of the families who lost their child. >> oh, yes. >> bill: i imagine in the time that you have owned that business that that is something you never even gave half a thought to. >> oh, not at all. you would just like to bring something over to everyone that has been touched by this. people are coming in, asking what they can do if they can just bring something or do something, or does anyone need a ride or does anyone need to be picked up. anything that can be done,
3:56 pm
everyone is saying it is a tight-knit community that -- we're all connected by some way or means. again, it's just devastating. >> bill: now connected forever by this tragedy. good luck to you and your neighbors. >> thank you so much. >> bill: they are so kind in this town of newtown and eunice is a perfect example of that. we have more information on the investigation. we have more information for the medical examiners. our coverage continues on the shooting in sandy hook elementary school. the late insist on those 26 innocent lives lost as we continue live in newtown, connecticut tonight, as the second hour of our special coverage gets underway right after this
3:57 pm
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